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i will what i want

Under Armour - I Will What I Want - STYLE ME GRASIE

Juggling three careers leaves little time for working out, but I will what I want and make it happen.


I recently joined DavidBartonGym and fell hard for their #lookbetternaked frame of mind. I mean, let’s get real for a moment…no matter how cute you look with clothes on, it’s those moments alone, naked, in front of the mirror, that really make

style me acts

the group - style me acts

As much as I love and adore fashion, my number one passion is acting. I’ve been a performer since birth and at the age of 25, finally decided to drop everything in my life and pursue my dream.

oscars 2014

And it’s here, the finale of awards season…the OSCARS! Lupita delivered, Kate impressed and everyone else did “pretty well” to “just okay”. Overall, not the most exciting year on the red carpet but it’s still beyond fun to chat about.

10k!!! insta-thankyou

We did it you guys! Last week @grasiemercedes hit 10k on Instagram! Thank you for all your comments, your likes and your love. I’m off to Palm Springs for a little birthday R&R in the desert. Follow along for more Insta-memories