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year in review

year in review

I pride myself on having style that’s unpredictable. I may look girly today and dress like a hipster tomorrow.

i will what i want

Under Armour - I Will What I Want - STYLE ME GRASIE

Juggling three careers leaves little time for working out, but I will what I want and make it happen.

aldo + smg = best time ever


Last night, I had the best time ever hosting the ALDO A-List shopping event, at the Beverly Center!


I recently joined DavidBartonGym and fell hard for their #lookbetternaked frame of mind. I mean, let’s get real for a moment…no matter how cute you look with clothes on, it’s those moments alone, naked, in front of the mirror, that really make

style me acts

the group - style me acts

As much as I love and adore fashion, my number one passion is acting. I’ve been a performer since birth and at the age of 25, finally decided to drop everything in my life and pursue my dream.