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hotel covell

Hotel Covell - STYLE ME GRASIE

It’s the type of hotel, that doesn’t feel like a hotel at all, but instead the dream apartment you would have if you were somewhat rich, super chic and had impeccable taste.

bacara in santa barbara

weekend getaway - bacara santa barbara - STYLE ME GRASIE

One of my favorite things about living in LA, is how easy it is to travel to gorgeous locations.

tips and tricks for travel

tips on packing and luggage - STYLE ME GRASIE

We were nervous about our 15 hour flight from New York to Johannesburg and wanted to make sure we were prepared.

honeymoon in africa (part VI)


Located about 30 minutes outside of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Karkloof is a very open and tranquil setting, which was just perfect for winding down at the end of our trip.

honeymoon in africa (part V)


And just like that, 3 days flew by and Damien and I were forever changed by what we saw at Thanda.