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Every year around this time, I switch out my everyday bag of choice to something more festive. I usually go with a red or green purse, but this year I’m all about this neutral combo satchel, exclusively at Brahmin.

In this look, I continue my love affair with matching sets and broke up the print on print action with my new favorite denim jacket. This collar tho?

YAY! I got the hubs on the blog today! When I heard about Brahmin’s new men’s collection, I knew I had to get Damien in front of the camera to help me show it off.

As much as I love my phone, there’s something really nice about looking down at a chic watch for the time, instead of a glaring screen with notifications.

Ooh la la, I did it! I went for a deep, dark lip y’all. You know I love my red lips and play around with pink and orange, but I always shy away from deeper hues, until now.