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When it comes to Halloween I’m the ultimate procrastinator. I usually wait till the day before to think about my costume and by then the stores are packed and all the good ideas are taken.

(L to R) The Fashion Laine, The Style Editrix, Style Me Grasie (that’s me!), Sydne Style, Walk in Wonderland, Stuff She Likes & Haute Pink Pretty dressed as Hillary Clinton.

My first date with Damien was at a Mexican restaurant here in LA. Since that magical night, when we fell in love over chips and guac, Mexican restaurants have always been our favorite date-night spots.

2015 was the year I became financial free and dropped a “slash.” It was the year I acknowledged my limitations and refocused on my goals. It was the year I let go and I’m immensely happier because of it.

Ever notice that at every party you’ve ever been to or thrown, everyone always ends up in the kitchen? Not sure what it is about that room but people are definitely drawn to it.