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home makeover!

FOLLOW UP: Check out this adorable pic by Mr. Kate (her camera is a lot fancier than my camera phone…ha!) For more pics, including BEFORE photos (eek) see her post here.

I am now officially obsessed with interior design! I mentioned about 2 weeks ago, that Damien and I were taking on a lil design project at our place, well it’s all done and we love it! With the help of the über-talented Kate Albrecht of Mr. Kate, we transformed our home from a super dark, cramped space full of NYC furniture to an airy, beautiful, light and fun LA-proper pad. Inspired by a ton of design magazines and blogs, I wanted mostly white in the main living space with pops of bright colors and pattern. I must have tapped into my Dominican roots along the way, because we definitely got an island vibe going on! For the guest room, we wanted something welcoming and fun. I decided that’s where Damien’s TRL signs would live (they are actual set pieces from his years on the show!) and I love it. The best thing about the home make-over was that it was affordable! We sold almost all of our old furniture and used the money to get vintage finds at flea markets and such. Plus we kept a lot of accent pieces and just painted them white (like the bookshelf & bar stools pictured), Kate taught us so many design tricks…it was fantastic. If you need a home re-vamp, hire her now, she’s da bomb! Here’s a peek inside our new home (the photos don’t do it justice) 🙂

  • OMG! Your place is amazing. I love interior design too, and you girls did a killer job. Ps. Um, I want your kitchen. Kthnkxbyeee xoxo

    • thanks girl!!! umm, you can come cook in it! lol i should really have a hellogiggles cocktail party…we have a pretty rad patio that needs some attention 🙂 

      • LOL you do not want me anywhere near your kitchen in terms of cooking (I’m like a child in my own home– no touching the stove haha). But cocktails, now there is something I have some experience with. 🙂 

  • Amelia

    So much better! My favorite is the master bdrm.

    • thanks…yeah, not sure what the heck d and i were waiting for to do something with the place! you have to see it in person. the pics are so much darker than what it is in person. 

  • floneb

    SO cute!!! I love the white sofa, cool-colored suitcases, and the citrus fruit on the table! It inspires me to bring some of that LA sunshine inside my Seattle apartment! 🙂