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it's good to have wifi when flying

Because I get to tell you a little story without having to wait until I land!

Just stepped onto my LAX –>> JFK flight and as entered the Virgin American plane and peeped out the first class patrons; I did a double-take at the guy taking his seat in row 2. He’s wasn’t a celebrity and I wasn’t “checking him out” (at least not in a sleazy sort of way) but I WAS impressed by his style. “Oooh did he read my blog post on traveling in style?!” I thought. 😆 He had on a nicely tailored denim shirt with a brown fitted sports coat, tailored slacks and he carried a very chic brown leather briefcase.

He looked GREAT! Very stylish without looking like he tried to hard…

Wouldn’t it would be nice if more men took pride in what they wore and “dressed up” a little more often? Like in the “Mad Men” days when we all cared a bit more about our appearances. Hmmm.

This blog post is less of a “How To” post and more of a “What If” post. So you tell me…ladies, would it be nice to see your man rocking something a little more fashionable from time to time? And men, do you think it would feel good or be fun to venture out in the wardrobe department?

Men: Here are some example of impeccable, practical, stylish & sexy menswear looks (mostly from Europe, where the men DO in fact dress up!) Get INSPIRED and surprise your lady with a little wardrobe flair. And if you have any question on how to get a certain look, feel free to shoot me a message. Would love to hear from you.