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jcrew: not just preppy anymore

A few months ago my good friend, actor Josh Pais, became my newest client. We were shopping in NYC and stumbled upon the J Crew Men’s Shop! It was unlike any other J Crew I’ve ever seen. The shop took the spot of the historic Liquor Store Bar, the only NYC landmark that served liquor. The 925 square foot space is divided into two rooms, with most of the old school bar fixtures still intact. Reasonably priced, these clothes were not your usual J Crew fare. Preppy polos were replaced by fitted, chic buttons downs, slim fit jeans, kick-ass shoes and designer jackets and blazers. And the sales associates were beyond helpful and super fashion savvy.

Here are some great looks you can purchase online...but if you find yourself anywhere near NYC, give the store a visit. Its quite the shopping experience!