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About 2 years ago I was on Melrose here in LA and stumbled into SLOW, a cute little store that sells vintage and some contemporary pieces. While there, I scored the sweetest pair of two toned brown & black leather lace up boots for $40! I’ve received loads of compliments on them since. People always ask where I got them and though they did have more than one pair at Slow, they called them “vintage” and there was a limited supply. Well, since then Jeffrey Campbell has made an identical pair, called SHOWPONY. Unfortunately they are $184.95 not $40, but equally as badass. Below are the boots in discussion. Mine on the left, Campbell on the right. Note: mine had the same ruffle detail when I got them but I found it a little too girly for my taste, so I cut them off. Note 2: mine are SUPER worn in.

You can find the SHOWPONY at Sole Struck here. Happy Shopping!

  • Joe

    those are the illest fucking boots

    • thanks joe. i love them and pretty much wear them everyday!

  • Haaa! Didn’t realize you cut the ruffles off of yours. Yours looks better for 2 reasons. 1. No ruffles. 2. They are worn in. I have been looking & found something similar, but waiting for the price to drop 🙂 xo