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stella mccartney kids

Stella McCartney Kids: Is it legal for kids to look this fashionable and cute?! I don’t have children yet, but I do daydream of dressing them up some day. I want them to look adorable and cool 24/7. But I also realize, this is a bit of a fantasy…kids grow fast and it doesn’t make much sense to spend lots of cash on something that will only fit for a few months. The sensible part of me thinks, I’ll shop Target for their wardrobe! The fashionista in me says “Screw it, Stella all the way!” 🙂 Would you pay designer prices for your children’s clothes? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Would love to hear from ya!

  • These are cutest. Love the entire collection. xo

    • right?! makes me want a baby just to dress them up! lol