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top 5 trends for fall

Labor Day has arrived and Summer is pretty much over but that’s okay because here comes FALL FASHION! Here are 5 of my favorite trends for this season. Check them out below, with tips on how to wear them and let me know what you think.


60s Lady Like: The Mad Men affect is still going strong so get fabulous, get lady like and have a ball. Go for full skirts and fitted tops, high-waist trousers and cardigans with accents of faux fur. Wear these looks with pumps that have a thicker, sturdy heel or pretty flats.


Socks and Shoes: I love this look! Though I will admit its not for everyone. If you can pull it off, go for it. Make sure the sock color compliments the boot or strappy sandal. This is a great way to expand your shoe inventory for Fall. You won’t have to put away all those open-toed shoes just yet…simply add a sock.


Leather and Lace: Go for pretty, go for edge or go for both at the same time! Have fun with leather and lace but stick to neutral colors like black and cream. Please don’t seek out red leather or pink lace…leave that for the ladies of the night. When wearing cream lace go for a chunky wedge or bootie boot in black to tone down the girly factor. On the flip side, when rocking black leather, try girly accents like a frilly top.


Buttoned Up Button Down: I like to call this “Nerdy Chic.” The days of over-sized boyfriend button-downs are over (for now), the newest trend is a sleek fit button down, buttoned all the way up! If your bra size is bigger than a C cup I would probably stay away from this trend. Covering up the cleavage to that extent may make you look top heavy. Another tip: because of the boyish nature of this trend, girl it up in every other way: hair down, red lip, fitted pants or short shorts to compliment.


Aviator and Military Fashions: The military trend just won’t go away but that’s okay, it looks fabulous on everyone and I’m a big fan. This season there’s an aviator influence on the military front. Think Amelia Earhart meets couture. Structured jackets and coats are the way to go, in army green and my new favorite color navy (such a great alternative to black). Faux fur and brown leather accents make this look complete.

Ready to shop for Fall? Want me by your side as your Personal Shopper and Stylist? Contact me today to set up an appointment. Happy Labor Day!

  • Anonymous

    Woooooohoooooo! Love it all, Grasie. Great job and super nice tips. I agree with everything you said. I think I’m ready for fall 🙂

  • Anonymous

    thanks lady! that means a lot!!! please RT and spread the post if you like. would love to get it out to as many ladies as possible. xoxo

  • Of course I love the first trend. I’m built way more like Joan than like anyone on a runway. As for socks and shoes, you’re right to issue the warning. Definitely not for everyone. Just like the gladiator sandal and the toeless boot, that look only works if you have long legs or at least a nice, tapered ankle. Those girls with the cankles should not be wearing shorts and gladiator shoes, but that doesn’t stop them! “Hey, check out my tree trunks!”

  • I LOVE the leather and lace trends for fall! I am also a huge fan of aviator and military fashions as well. Love the dress pictured from Anthropologie – affordable and you can always pair it with different belts and boots. Green and navy are great fall colors too so that makes the look even better! Can’t wait to see more fall fashions.

  • haha! love it laura! and yes i would love to see you in any of those 60s look. tre chic! xo

  • thanks for the comment kimberly! keep coming back ill make sure to post more fall looks as well as those looks that can take you into winter for my east coast readers 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Knowing Chicago that could be any day now!

  • I was eyeing that printed Topshop dress too. So fun!

  • yay! thanks for visiting. its adorable!

  • Lindseymackey19

    Hey Grasie…this is an awesome new post! I am hoping that it will inspire some cooler weather as well 😉 I don’t think I have to tell you that I am in love with the Madmen 60’s style. The Louis Vuitton look was the one that I would like to try to pull off. In the leather and lace section…which seems like it would fit me very well….sweet and demure with a hint of “oh my, that was a surprise” mixed in. Haha! I am coveting the Diane von Furstenberg dress and booties. I want to have somewhere fabulous to go, so I can wear that….NOW!

  • hey lindsey! looks like this post DID inspire cooler weather…at least in LA 🙂 you def have the body to rock the 60s look like no other so go for it! remember full skirts and fitted tops. also go for bare legs and a sturdy heel. if you do tights you could end up looking like a nun…give them some skin! and YES that DVF dress would be fab. im sure we can find a similar look for less. and you can totally wear it to a nice dinner or bar…you dont need some super special occasion. thanks for visiting! xo