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birthday suit

It’s February 23rd, which inevitably means, I am one year older! I was okay with 30, but every year after gets a little bit harder. Ugh. But hey, it’s my birthday!!! So let’s have some fun…and fun we did. Below are my “official” birthday pics shot by super cool BRADLEY MEINZ. He’s the bomb. I put on my “birthday suit” on and ate some cake. Here’s what happened. In this photo: JungleGurl swimsuit and Ray Ban Wayfayers.

  • Joanne

    Happy Birthday Eldest!!! Love you!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Remember, you’re always super young to someone who’s older. Including your future self. So enjoy it. And enjoy looking like that in a bathing suit. Which you probably always will, with your genes. xo

    • Willowrose

      Now this kind of reasoning I like! ;p .. Gotta remember this one for my next bday.. “Including your future self”.

      • For real. I laugh when I remember thinking I was old in my early 30s. And thinking that the Sex and the City girls were ancient because they were supposed to be 35 (except, of course, Samantha).

        • aww laura you are the BEST!!! love that. i feel ya for sure. thanks for your kinds words. wish you were here in LA to drink with us tonight! xoxo

  • Willowrose

    Super cute! And is that a red velvet?? Yum!!!!! And happy bday!!!!

    • yup! red velvet with a chocolate layer and cream cheese frosting…what! lol thanks for the bday wishes 🙂