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black, white & gold

Shot today with the uber talented photographer BRADLEY MEINZ. We’re going to try to shoot as often as possible and I’m very excited about that! Here I am in a gifted Jungle Gurl COVER black romper, vintage shades, Jessica Simpson ring (yeah, I know!), Urban Outfitters belt, Monet earrings, American Apparel lace tube bra & gifted Wild Rose shoes.

Behind the scenes secret: I stretched out the shades with my large head and they kept slipping off! Hence the crazy angry face in the 3rd photo. 🙄

  • damien fahey


  • Lolitasaysso

    these are amazing!

  • grasiemercedes

    Thank you! Please keep visiting to check out future shoots!

  • WillowRose

    Nicely done!!! And hey, I still love my Jessica Simpson handbag!!! ;p The girl knows how to pick pretty cute styles to represent. But anyway the romper is super cute and you're rockin' those shoes!!!!!!!!!!