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jackass 3d

Somewhere in Hollywood James Cameron is crying in a corner: “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Yeah that’s how good Jackass 3D is. Damien and I attended the premiere last night at the famous Chinese Mann Theatre. Per usual, it was quite a Hollywood scene. Tons of fans, bright lights and excitement. It was FUN! The film, in typical Jackass fashion, was full of outrageous physical stunts, farm animals, poo, dildos and penises. Hooray! But what made it extra special was definitely the 3D! It makes so much sense! Without giving too much away, there’s nothing more fun than having a rubber penis fly towards your face. (Umm, did I really just say that?)

Below are some photos I took with my cell phone…I’m going to be better about bringing an actual camera everywhere I go. Promise. In my look: Vintage dress and clutch, American Apparel necklace, Steve Madden booties. GO SEE JACKASS 3D! Support my friends because they love you 😆

  • You look great, Grasie. Wish I could have seen the dress clearly. It looks like a pretty hot find. Beautiful as always.