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my go to outfit

As much as I would like to be a fashionista everyday, there are more days than none where all I want to do is throw on a v-neck T and jeans (or shorts) with my boots. No jewelry, no fuss. Its definitely my “go to” outfit and it always makes me feel like a sexy badass! What’s your “go to” look?

PS – peep the new haircut oh and the shadow of Damien’s head. lol

  • karola

    My go to outfit is a tank top, jeans, cropped sweater or oversized scarf…. makes me feel feminine with no fuss

  • That’s a hot go-to. When did Damien’s head become a fire hydrant?

    • hahahahaha! its his head holding the cell phone. but you prob already knew that. lol

  • Thesummercamp

    gorgeous! always…

    • Aww thanks Sum! Miss you!