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vintage military

I recently did a test shoot with my friend and photog Chris Mastro of Guerrilla Photo. We had a blast shooting and I put together some fun outfits using mostly vintage items. Here’s the first look featuring vintage Military Blazer, Jungle Gurl swim suit, Levi’s jean short and boots from Urban.

  • Amelia

    Nice! I like the first photo a-lot.
    Bar Marmont. I’m there! What are you dressing up as?
    Maybe you, me and Damien should be Three’s Company!

    • ha! that would be funny. but its monster themed. last year was mad hatter. you could dress up as anything though. ill get back to you on that one! lol

  • Michele

    i like the 2nd shot best! military flamingo!

    • Haha! Very funny Michele. Very funny! What about the ridiculous face I’m making in the last photo? Lol

  • Love these! So hot. As for the 3rd photo: you know, you can’t spell “salute” without S-L-U-T!

    • Hahaha! YES thank you Laura! I miss you. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful. And lovely jacket. That’s a great find.