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a lissie story

About 4 years ago when I first came to LA I met this guy who seemed nice enough. He introduced me to a collective of musicians and artists, he surrounded himself with. Among them was the one and only LISSIE. A mid-west adorable blonde with freckles to die for. She was sweet, sincere and fun to be around. I had found a new friend.

She sang almost every Wednesday night at a local bar called Crane’s. The whole gang would come and it was always a blast. The first time I heard Lissie sing I was floored. Her voice is soulful and strong; her lyrics memorable and heart-wrenching. Around this time, I was in a relationship…one that would would eventually end sour. My emotions were always perfectly expressed through Lissie’s lyrics and melodies. She was singing what my heart felt. It was magical.

Cut to present day…Lissie is touring the globe, has an ever growing fan base, is being praised by the ever so hard to impress Perez Hilton and being compared to the legendary Stevie Nicks! Last night I got to see her in action, once again, performing at a SOLD OUT Troubadour where she was the headliner! It was incredible. I was teary eyed. Nothing more exciting then seeing good friends be great. YAY!

Ok, now its your turn to meet Lissie. You can check out her LIVE video performance below, her Lady Gaga cover here and purchase her album here. You can thank me later   😀

  • WOWza. Thanks for sharing Grasie. I got chills listening to her. Been a looong time since a musician had that affect on me:) xo

    • YAY! love that Catherine. it really is nice to see TALENT succeed in the music biz. spread the word. xo