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because i love you

Photo booths are ridiculously popular these days. Because of this, we (Damien and I) have an assortment of photo booth pics on the side of our fridge. I love them. The other night we joined our friends at the Soho House here in LA for Meatball Mondays (yes, a night devoted to meatballs and it was delicious). They had a photo booth…we took the photo below. I never purposely laugh or smile big in photos because of my irrational insecurities but I don’t care…I love this pic because it totally captured a moment. A lovely moment.  A love moment. Awwww. Barf.

  • Kenli

    “Gramien” Classic! Great Pic!

  • Beautiful. Did you know that Vogue is looking for beautiful girls like you with gap teeth? Look into it 🙂

    • really?! was on their site didn’t see anything…looking for gap teeth for what exactly? lol

  • Jo

    babe, you’re beautiful – inside and out so laugh and let your gap show!!!