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cate & me

One of my favorite actresses of all time is Cate Blanchett (did you see ‘Notes On A Scandal’? I mean, come on!). She’s a classic beauty who embodies her characters flawlessly. She makes it look so easy, as all great actors should. I strive to be as good an actress as Cate and recently read something that made me very happy. Cate enjoys making lists and crossing items off as she accomplishes them. No shit?! That’s what I do! Yes, I know lots of people make list but I’m obsessed! Its really the only way I can get things done. I will actually write something down I’ve already done, just so I can feel the gratification of crossing it out! I obviously have a problem, but who cares…so does Cate. And I’ve convinced myself that its this similarity between Cate Blanchett and me, that will one day win me an Oscar. (Or at least have me nominated for one!) A ha! I crack myself up. 😆