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fake it furs for fall

Whether vegetarian, vegan or meat lover (that’s me) I’ve never felt right about using animals solely for their beautiful coats. Even when I was a small child in the 80s and my mom was rocking a mink something inside me was saying “Oh no, that ain’t right.” Since then my mama has given up her mink and many fashion houses have done the same. I mean, there’s really no need for real fur when there’s so many damn good FAUX FURS options. Its a huge trend this Fall and I’m looking forward to getting myself the perfect faux fur vest! Here are some recent finds, which is your favorite?

#1 (to the left) Urban Outfitters

#2 Donna Salyers

#3 The Battalion

#4 The Battalion

#5 United Colors of Benetton

  • Julie Paige

    What else is coming this fall? I can't wait for fall clothes…and fall weather. It's my favorite time of year both fashion-wise and weather-wise. Bring it on, Ms. Mercedes! Give us the scoop 😉

  • grasiemercedes

    Ha! Love it Julie! A Must-Haves for Fall post coming soon!