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fashion tip for women: transitioning to bare legs

It’s about that time in both the West and East coasts to put away the opaque tights for Spring and Summer and transition to bare legs! Get the razors out ladies and embrace some skin. If you’re anything like me, the transition can feel weird at first. You just spent the last 6 or 7 months rocking all sorts of fun tights with your skirts, dresses and shorts and now with weather in the 70s it just feels weird. Well here are a few great tip to help with with the switch over:

  • Start with bare legs but keep the boots. (Preferably bootie boots) Going from opaque tights to bare legs and open toe shoes can be a bit jarring so take it one step at a time. You can also do bare legs with close-toe pumps as an option.
  • Mix and match a Winter/Fall tops with a Spring/Summer bottoms. Example: Pair a long-sleeve, knit sweater in black, brown or grey with a cotton, flowy skirt in beige, cream or floral print. Add booties and you’re done!
  • Add ankle socks to strappy sandals. If you don’t have a pair of bootie boots or you just want to try something different and fun…invest in a few pairs of ankle socks in pretty pastel colors like pink, yellow and cream then throw on your favorite strappy sandals or heels. Viola! a great mix of Winter and Spring.

Here are some photo examples. (Click on the image for larger view) Happy Transitioning!