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free people to the rescue

I often struggle with the fact that I’m totally obsessed with fashion yet I usually walk around in a T-shirt and jeans. I feel guilty as if I should always look like I just stepped off a runway or something. I’ll admit it! Ha! As an Actress and Host I obviously don’t have your typically 9-5. I’m usually at home, on set, in class or at an audition. I totally “dress up” for auditions and sometimes even for class but I’m when I’m home surfing the web a tank and shorts is usually my uniform. And, of course if I’m on set, I probably don’t really have a say in what I’m wearing. With all that said, watch out when I’m dressing up for a night on the town or an event! That’s when its fun for me! That’s when my creative fashion juices start flowing. You see I love fashion and dressing up but what I love equally as much is BEING COMFORTABLE. So my challenge is to find more and more looks that are fun and fashionable but still comfortable and practical. I can’t always wear a T-shirt and jeans! That’s just boring. So about about a week ago I decided that my new thing would be long dresses! You know, the comfy ones that always look chic. I’ve been searching online to find affordable ones that I like and viola! Free People…Below are my 4 favs and I think I’m about to fill up my shopping cart and scoop up all 4! Let’s give it a go, shall we?

  • My favorite is leggings! OK not everyone thinks they are chic, haha. But they are definitely the comfiest, and look cute with an oversized shirt or sweater which is also comfy.

    • they are comfy! and i think they can def be chic! especially with some tall flat boots for fall/winter!