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gapped teeth fashionable?

I like it! TIME magazine online just did a little article on how gapped teeth are the new trend at this years New York Fashion Week. That gapped teeth were actually listed as coveted attributes in model casting calls. Damn! Why wasn’t this en vogue when I was growing up! Instead I got ridiculed for the large space I was donning. It was huge! I’m talking about enough space for an additional tooth. Someone once referred to my teeth as the Twin Towers. That hurt. Now after many trips to the orthodontist in my late teen years the space between my two front teeth is drastically smaller. I didn’t let them close the gap entirely, it felt too much a part of my identity, but I did let them work some magic. Glad to see the fashion world embracing “imperfections”. I mean I’m in pretty great company: Madonna, Letterman, Lauren Hutton to name a few!

  • I love a tooth gap. My husband has one. Know who else could have used this news a little earlier? That chick on ANTM who Tyra forced to go to the dentist and get veneers over her beautiful gap.

  • he does! doesn’t he! i remember that girl on ANTM her name was danielle and her gap looked just like mine did…HUGE! she kept a lil space like i did but hers is even smaller than mine. she should of left it bigger! xoxo

  • Right! Danielle. She had to 86 the gap and the southern accent.

  • Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon

    tey actually look like inbred hobos, you know?

  • I remember her too, and she was my favorite. And I never really cared about what other people were saying about her. In the end, her teeth became ‘fashion forward’, and every model in the industry even ended up running to their dentists to get their tooth gapped.