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halloween redemption

I’ve never been one to get super excited about Halloween; even as a child, I wasn’t a big fan. I think it was because my bff growing up was a boy, who would dress up as a vampire every year. And though his ensemble was impressive, I was always disappointed when he would beat me by winning “Best Costume” at the local McDonald’s. So yes, I was a child scorned by a McDonald’s Halloween contest.

But this year that all turned around. I still, by no means, had the “Best Costume” of the night, but I did have the “Best Time” with the “Best Friends”! Yes, it was truly a blast. And if I can toot my own horn for a sec, I did do the make-up for myself, Damien and my buddy Darryl, who I think DID have the “Best Costume” of the night…Zombie MJ from Thriller. Damien and I were also zombies: he, a break dancing zombie from the 80s, me a disco zombie from the late 70s. I am now a zombie make-up pro. Hope you had a fun, safe and glorious Halloween. Now…the countdown to Thanksgiving!!!

  • Juliepaige15

    Yep, it was definitely the “Best Time” with “Best Friends”…and you were one fashionable monster! The outfit was GORGEOUS!…the face…uhm…well…monsterous. 😉

    • haha! thanks julie!!! so great to have you on the west coast…come back often! xoxo

  • Looking forward to more girl nights when I am back G. Might be coming for a week in Dec.

    • cool! ill be in nyc next week then again for christmas/nye so im sure we’ll get together often 🙂