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isabel marant makes me hot for fall

I know its still Summer but truth be told I’m a huge fan of Fall/Winter fashion. I love layers and jackets, sweaters and boots so I’m absolutely ready for the change of season. I also live in LA and for me Fall/Winter does not equal snow/cold. Instead it just means grab a jacket for when the sun goes down.

Isabel Marant’s Fall/Winter 2010/11 line makes me all warm and tingly inside. She has flawlessly combined all my favorites (how did she know?!): chunky knits, fierce jackets, skinny pants, boy meets girl looks with touches of sequin…yay! Check out photos from her show and the sick campaign shot featuring Kate Moss.  Would you rock these looks? Leave a comment and share.

  • I love Isabel Marant. I wouldn't say I can “rock her looks” because her looks are made for skinny french girls. Or other skinny girls. But my favorite cropped jacket is Etoile, and so are my favorite overpriced t-shirts. They're linen.

  • ps – don't you always have to grab a jacket when the sun goes down there? That's my only beef with LA weather. For summer, I'd like LA days with NY nights. Know any place like that?

  • grasiemercedes

    laura laura laura! stop it! you can TOTALLY wear ANY of the looks above! they would all look great on your curves and are NOT just for skinny girls. this is why we need to have a shopping session together, my dear. and yes you do kinda need a jacket all year round when the sun goes down in LA…though you're usually going in and out of cars and such so you can also do without one in the summer. thanks for your great comments. xoxo

  • Would I rock these looks? DUH!
    The above photo of Kate is perfection!!

  • grasiemercedes

    Isn't it?! Ridiculous! And I seriously want everyone of those runway looks!


    I love all the looks. Like you, Grasie, will totally rock each and every piece. I am a sucker for flowy tops over skinny bottoms. Love the pegged, skinny, capris. Great post!

  • grasiemercedes

    thanks folake! love hearing from you. xo

  • You're right, we definitely need to have a session – also with my closet. I need to reschedule. So you can work your magic and I can show you that no, I cannot rock a dress that's slit up to my coochie. xoxo

  • grasiemercedes

    Ha! You crack me up! Let's do it!

  • Cerial

    Thank you for this post, Grasie. I'm also a great fan of Isabel Marant. For Fall, I especially love shoes and the blue dress I saw in your slideshow.

  • grasiemercedes

    thanks for visiting! that blue dress is AMAZING! elegant and eye-catching!