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layers and scarves

The clocks are set back, the temperatures have dropped…Fall is definitely here! I was recently asked on my VYou page “What’s your go-to look for Fall?” My answer: Layers and Scarves. (included in my response, a silly mispronunciation I’m very embarrassed of, definitely a video to watch lol)

My favorite thing about the cooler temps is being able to layer: jacket on top of sweater on top of shirt with a scarf thrown in. It’s so much easier to look “styled” when you have more items to work with. Below are some street looks to demo the layered look I love.

  • Jgof

    Good eye for style trends,Grasie

    • thank you!!! and thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  • Emma

    Love these selections! Love the maxi skirt in the fifth pic as well. I’m going to try to rock one soon that I got from Zara.

    • nice! thanks emma. i recently purchased a sheer gold shimmer long skirt for halloween that im going to attempt to rock as well. lets see how it goes 🙂

  • Love this post. I live for layering. Wish you’d blog more..hehehe. Can’t wait to see you gold maxi. I’m sure it’s amazing. xo