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mtv's tj search

As you may know my beau Damien Fahey has been filling in for Ryan Seacrest all week on his KIIS fm morning show. Well today they had a very charming and enthusiastic caller named Jose Iniguez. Jose is one of 20 contestants in the MTV TJ (Twitter Jockey) search! It has come to this people! MTV who no longer has on-camera VJs is now looking for a Twitter Jockey!

The winner gets a pretty sweet deal including a one year $100,000 contract! They have been through 2 challenges and the most recent one is to break an up-an-coming artist by July 14 using media sources available to the contestants. Its all about the Internet baby. Jose’s artist is R&B crooner Jarrell Perry who will be featured at Miami Fashion Week. (Maybe I need to go to that, I can use some warm water and stone crabs, yum!) So if you want to support Jose in challenge 3, you can do so by following him on Twitter at and Jarell Perry at Do it, he’s nice.

PS – Don’t miss out on tomorrow’s radio show. I’m going down to the studio to meet the KIIS crew and I’m very excited. I think they want me to dish out more Damien gossip and embarrassing moments. Will they get it out of me? Absolutely!