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my MTV story

Today is the 30th birthday of MTV, here’s my story…

I grew up on MTV. My whole generation did. I was obsessed and wanted nothing more than to spend 24/7 watching music videos, dance shows and then, reality television. I remember wanting to be Idalis and wanting to marry Eric Nies (Don’t judge me). I grew up in New York, where the MTV studios are located and decided at age 16 I would audition for The Grind (Again, don’t judge me). I freaking made the cut and danced for the Brooklyn Bridge season (Okay, fine. Judge me.). I was in all my glory. I had, for one Summer, become a part of the network I idolized. I was hanging with the cool kids and living it up. Then came the college years: I went to NYU for Journalism and decided that no matter what I would end up doing with my career, I needed to work at MTV, at least for a little while. Junior year came and I interned at MTV News! What?! All my MTV dreams had come true. It was so exciting being at 1515 Broadway. Kurt Loder and John Norris roaming the halls. TRL in all it’s glory. I was living the life. Surrounded by music, pop culture and everything cool. After my internship, I worked in Production on shows like Say What? KaraokeVJ for A Day and Spring Break.  There was nothing more exciting than walking up to the building where I worked and seeing a line of teens around the block. Who’s here today? Britney? *NSYNC? Limp Bizkit? Working on the 23rd floor and hearing the screams of girls losing their minds on TRL. The work environment at MTV was like no other. We were young, creative, determined and having fun! It was a talented crew that never got the credit they deserved. I mean, yes MTV made it virtually impossible for anyone to pay attention to anything for more than 5 minutes, but it is also a ground breaking network who gave us shows like True LifeMade and The Real World  just to name a few. Today, my love affair with MTV continues but in a slightly different way. I’ve made ever lasting friendships and even found my true love there (I was the naughty producer who fell in love with a VJ). MTV has changed, we all know that, gone are the days of music videos and dance shows. But for me, MTV will always have a special place in my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MTV! I love you.

What’s your MTV story? 

Click here to watch the first 24 hours on MTV

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  • Pemora

    i have 2…..

    1. watching the 1st season of the real world + trying to figure out if it was ‘real’ or not….this show also helped me bond w/ the girls at my new school, who were all as obsessed.
    2. watching alison stewart on mtv news + feeling so proud to see a smart + pretty brown girl on tv

    • love it! thanks for commenting. real world was amazing! i cried for days when pedro from san fran past away. and yes! alison stewart is da bomb!