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vma white carpet looks

This is the first time in 3 years I didn’t attend the VMA’s. And it’s funny because until today I didn’t really think I wanted to go. But now I sit on my couch watching the red (I mean white) carpet craziness thinking “Hmm, why didn’t we go to the show this year?” Well, the main reason is because tonight also happens to be the night of our final improv class show! YAY! Onto level 6! Luckily, there exist this innovative little thing called The Internet, so I still get to share with you this year’s carpet looks. Here they are; leave a comment and let me know what you think. Best dressed? Worst dressed? Just crazy?! Love to hear from ya.

In these photos: Lady Gaga, Rosario Dawson, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Ashley Greene, Ciara, Lo Bosworth, Sofia Vergara, Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake & The Moon Man.

  • OK first, I have to plead with the fashion gods: PLEASE let the gray hair trend (see Gaga) last for the next 60 or so years. Then, I’ll never have to dye my grays, I’ll just look very “editorial.”
    Other notes:
    -Rosario doesn’t look as hot as usual. Not a fan of the bright lipstick with the bright dress. Looks like a Fischer Price toy.
    -Katie Perry looks good in that thing she’s wearing, even if it does look like what I had to wear the time I performed with a team at a salsa congress in San Juan. I’ve never been more miserable.
    -With those black, fuzzy feathers trailing off just above the knee, Ciara looks like she desperately needs to wax her overgrown cooch.
    -Lo just looks like it’s another night out with Audrina, gasping that Justin Bobby showed up. And she should have worn light neutral shoes with the dress, or maybe even a color, but not black. Or not so much black.
    -When I look at Kesha, all I can think of is shrimp in a diaper. If someone tells you you smell like that, don’t wear such a short dress, and pick breathable fabrics.
    – To Justin Bieber’s “swagger coach”: reel it back, son.

    Hope your improv show was great! I expect to see you perform one day.

    • ah laura THANK YOU for your comic relief. what a disappointing night of fashion! is it me or has ever celebrity lost their sense of style!!! katy perry’s dress is interesting but that hair takes away from it and dont get me start on her self-portraited (not really a word) nails! i agree with all your other points. last year’s show AND fashion were way better. and that’s all ill say about that! thanks again for always being so damn funny!
      ps – improv went GREAT and yes please come see us next time you’re in town! xo

  • I gotta say most of these look hot off the racks of forever 21!

    • right! note, i usually do red carpet PICKS but i had to just go with LOOKS bc there were not enough LIKES!

  • Anonymous

    I was not impressed with this years looks at all! It seemed like no one really tried that hard. Justin Timberlake looked great though, but the ladies needed to step up their game! What were they thinking? They should read your blog more…

    • ha! thanks kimberly! that’s what i was thinking. these women have money, stylist and people giving them stuff for FREE and they STILL can’t get it together!

  • JoLee

    I have to say I think my favorite was Selena Gomez. There weren’t very many choices this year, the show itself wasn’t all that great either. Minus the terrible performance she did for the 2007 VMA’s, I don’t think anyone could ever top Britney Spears. I may be slightly bias, but I think its about time she gave one of her killer performances again, there’s always next year.

    ps. I will admit Justin Bieber kind of impressed me with his performance, but I still don’t have Bieber fever.

    • Right?! The Biebs was on fire! The VMAs are never good when they’re not at Radio City in NY. Its the only place they should be!!! And I totally agree, the fashion was super blah this year 🙁