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why i love ryan

I need to get more magazine subscriptions because the amount of joy I experience when my W arrives is pretty extraordinary.  But it was extra special this week when the lovely Michelle Williams and hottie Ryan Gosling were gracing the cover. They’re promoting their new film together, Blue Valentine (check out clip below). I’m a BIG fan of Gosling and have been ever since The Notebook. (I hysterically cry every freaking time I watch that movie!) Then this past summer, I played a waitress in a new comedy flick starring Gosling and Steve Carrell and my love grew. Watching Carrell and Gosling work was amazing and inspiring. They were both so nice to me and I even got to improv (for like 2 seconds) with Carrell on one take. Let’s pray, at least my “Here you go”, when I hand them their drinks stays in the flick. But even if my mug doesn’t make the cut, being on that set was pretty magical. Watching talented actors is what’s keeps me motivated. Keeps my eye on the prize. I love being an Actor and I can’t wait for the day I’m Co-Starring with Mr. Gosling himself. YES!

Photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin
Styled by Lori Goldstein

  • Willow

    Beautiful!! And Mr Gosling has sure grown up a lot since the MMC days here in Fla! ;p goodness.

    • ha! YES he has! god, i LOVED that show growing up.

  • I looooove him! Did you see Half Nelson? WOW. And Michelle Williams is magical. Thx for this post!

    • i did see Half Nelson! and Lars and the Real Girl is fantastic too. he’s just great! and yes ms williams is very impressive as well! thanks for the RT and the FB love. xoxo

  • Amelia

    I have been anxiously awaiting the photos that you shot with the new bangs! Where are they???

    Also, I will be in LA Oct 25-Nov 2. Can’t wait to see you.

    Do you have any fun Halloween plans I can tag-a-long to??

    • about to post shots from a test photo shoot i did…stayed tuned.
      as for halloween YES! we do bar marmont. our friend runs it and its always fun. good crowd, yummy food and everyone in costume!