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5 ways to wear it: for the holidays

My first “5 Ways To Wear It” video was a huge success. I got such sweet and inspiring comments from you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! This time around I decided to go festive. With the holidays among us, there are so many events to dress for…so I give you “5 Ways To Wear It: For The Holidays” A video featuring 5 very different outfits for all your holiday occasions. Use this as inspiration to play in your closet. Dressing up doesn’t have to be stressful…it can be as fun as a dance party!
A special thank you to Michael Garcia, my amazing friend, DP, editor and director. These videos would not be possible, if not for him. THANK YOU MICHAEL!

Please leave your comments below, would love to hear from you! Have a happy, glorious holiday season!!! xoxo

In these looks:

  • 1. Holiday Shopping – BDG jeans, American Apparel v-neck t-shirt, Ecote chunky sweater, Forever 21 bracelet, NYC street scarf, Vintage boots and gifted nameless purse.
  • 2. Date Night By The Fire – H&M leggings, Truly Madly Deeply blouse, Vintage flannel button down, Urban Outfitters necklace and BDG flats.
  • 3. Dinner with Family – Vintage sparkle skirt, American Apparel tank, Joie chunky cardigan, Vintage belt and Jean Michel Cazabat gold heels.
  • Office Party – American Apparel printed tube dress, Charlotte Ronson sheer top, Vintage tuxedo blazer, Urban Outfitters earrings and Steve Madden patent leather booties.
  • New Year’s Eve – Top Shop party dress, Urban Outfitters sparkle tights, American Apparel shawl scarf, Forever 21 earrings, Vintage clutch and Dolce Vita black heels.
  • LOVE IT!!!!!!! You are so beautiful 🙂 Great ideas!

    • thank you folake!!! i really appreciate it coming from a style icon like yourself! xo

  • Anonymous

    These looks are great! If I had to choose a favorite I would say the office party look. I love it because it’s dressy but it’s not over dressy. That is always my worry when it comes to work parties – being underdressed or overdressed! It’s the perfect combo. And I love the song it’s set to… Gotta love MC!

    • thanks kimberly!!! im glad you like my office look. i was worried about that one, since i dont actually work in an office! lol im so happy you think its appropriate. its def what i would rock to an office shindig.

  • Woo! I love love love these new videos of yours, and I’m learning so much on how to combine items. Love it 🙂

    • thanks nathalie! so glad you’re learning from the videos. yay! that makes me very happy. thanks so much for watching!

  • I love every one of these looks! You are a geeenius miss Gracie. I’m catching up on your blog now that I’m back from India!

    • thank you laura!!! yeah this is the 2nd installment. so glad you love the looks. double date soon please! xo

    • INDIA?! that just registered. i want to hear all about it! photos please!

  • HOT HOT HOT!! Keep these going girlie. You are beyond! I can’t WAIT for our killer shopping day in two weeks!! YAY YAY I get you for a whole day 🙂

    • thanks mama! i already have an idea for the next one to shoot mid january! maybe do one a month!!! can’t wait for our shopping day in nyc. woohoo! xo

  • Grace Rowe

    Fantastic! You should have your own segment on the Style Network! Send it to them! Pitch it! And where do I get that giant sheer top and the circle scarf?

    • thanks GRACE!!! you can get both those things at American Apparel. under each video i list what im wearing and where to find it. so glad you like it! and things are brewing re: Style or something of the like! xo

  • JoLee

    Sooo cute!!! Love the Office party look and New years eve look!!!!! sooo easy once again! Love this idea and you look sooo adorable!!! xoxo

    • thanks jo! can’t wait to see you…next week! xo

  • Grasie! This vid is amazing. Your style is RIDIC! Keep makin these vids, most fun/useful/entertaining content ever:)!

    • THANK YOU erin!!! that is so sweet and means A LOT!!! im gonna keep them coming. stay tuned for the next one after the holidays. 2011 here we come! 🙂

  • Angela

    I love these videos! Keep doing them, they are so much fun 🙂

    • thanks angela! gonna need your help in the next installment! xo