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5 ways to wear it: lbd

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try something new…I wanted to do an “Outfit” post that was also a “How To” post. But instead of creating jpegs, I thought, “A video would be fun!” So I called up my uber talented DP/Editor/Director friend Michael Garcia and together we created “5 Ways To Wear It: Little Black Dress” the video!!! Check it out below and please leave a comment to let me know what you think. If you guys like it, ill do more. I’m thinking “5 Ways To Wear It: For The Holidays” could be a great one!

In these looks: Urban Renewal dress by Urban Outfitters (in all looks)

  • Josh Pais


  • Alexfat

    Super cute! love!

  • Marie

    This is BEYOND amazing. I want all five looks please 😉

    • thanks marie!!! that means a lot coming from a content expert like yourself! mike and i are planning a holiday video to have up in about 2 weeks! xo

  • Johanna Salazar

    Very Cool… how can we get these videos on my site?

  • Love the dive bar look! And the song;) xxxx

    • thanks lady! that look seems to be the most popular. lol.

  • Joannegalluscio

    Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!

  • damien

    awesome, sexy, fun. girl you got it goin’ ON!!

    • ha! thanks damien! lol

  • Stephanie

    Love IT! super sexy and a fun way to show people with no fashion sense a fun quick way! And the song is perfect!

    • thank you stephanie! that’s exactly what i was hoping to accomplish: a fun quick way to give people ideas on what to wear! funny thing about the song…i literally had the thought “i want a fun, sexy song, hmm maybe N.E.R.D.” it was the first song that came up for them!!! perfect. ps – im sure you have great fashion sense! xoxo

  • JoLee

    ABSOLUTELY love this!!! SOO fun and so many great looks in a short amount of time! You make it look extremely easy and effortless!!! Def think you need more of these in the near future!!!

    • nice! thanks sis! well said i must say 🙂 love you and THANK YOU!!!

  • Lena

    Loved it! Felt a bit sceptical but curious when I first read about it (in your newsletter). And while I’m not too keen on the lbd on its own – maybe because it’s completely wrong for MY body? 😉 – you did some amazing things with it! Looove the First Date look! And the dancing! xxx

    • thanks Lena! though i dont know your body type i believe there is a LBD out there for everyone, no matter what size. many of my clients are a size 10, 12 and 14…you dont have to be a size 4 to look hot in an LBD. im so happy the video gave you some ideas. try them out for fun…you never know what you’ll come up with. i constantly surprise myself when i just play dress up in my closet. be creative, have fun and thanks so much for checking out the video. xo

  • Viv

    I loved it! very creative. like Lena said it’s great if the little black dress just doesn’t go with a certain body type by itself.

    • thanks Viv! yes that’s exactly it…who says you can’t get creative with how you wear your LBD?

  • This is one of the BEST how-to posts I’ve ever seen! Love it! Super creative. I’m going to link my readers to this for sure.

    • thank you so much! love that. Stay tuned for another video coming soon! “5 Ways To Wear It: For The Holidays” xo

  • Julie Paige

    This was OUTSTANDING!! It was such a COOL, FUN, REALLY HELPFUL, and POWERFUL way to give us a “how to” lesson!! I LOVED this format! I learned a lot and it made me want to be more playful and creative with the little black dress! Keep up the AMAZING work, Grasie!!

    • THANK YOU JULIE!!! i love that you loved it. the bar is set high but myself and my collaborating partner are already in the works of making the next video. “5 Ways To Wear It: For the Holidays” YAY!

  • OMG! WTH am I just seeing this? WE NEED MORE!!! This is so freaking brilliant.

    • lol. i dont know!!! ive been posting the crap out of it and replying and RTing on twitter. people love it! THANK YOU for your kind words! a second video is in the works. i got the most views EVER on my blog bc of this video…YAY! hope you like the next one 😉

  • Anna

    hoes song is it?

  • Kenli

    This is awesome. Makes me wish I was a girl. Great vid!!!

    • aww kenli! thank you. im going to figure out a way to do a guy version. maybe hire a model and dress him on camera! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    LOVE this post. I think #1 is my fave. Love the lbd with tights! Such a creative video. Telling people about fashion is awesome but showing them is even more fun!!

    • thank you kimberly!!! im so glad you like it! stayed tuned for more videos to come. xo

  • Fembot

    SU-effin’-BERB!!! Only way to do it. Keep ’em comin’. MooooooRE – puh-leeze.

    Also… Very well done. Great way to show looks, clothes and accessories.

    • THANK YOU so much!!! in the works for the next one…coming soon! xo

      • Fembot

        Thanks for the very quick reply. Hope you’re working on that next piece. Well worth doing! Great responses and also, “we’re” worth it! 😉

  • Michelemorrow

    well edited, well put together!

    • thanks michele! xo

      • Michaelg

        you’re supposed to pass along compliments, grasie.

  • Fashionluvr

    Excellent stuff! Really! If you have the time – check out this website. Not as cool as you vid but good updates.

    I think you’ll like it. It’s simple a website I like.

    • cool thanks! and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • I really loved the video! It’s such a great way to show your 5 looks-w/o the bore of having someone walk you through it step by step. You said it all without saying a word. nicely done!

    -Dana Carmel
    p.s. those flat vintage boots made me cry a little. I must have them!!!

  • Grasie! I am just seeing this vid now! It’s Ah-mazing. So well done. And I am totally rockin’ the LBD/grey sweatshirt combo this week.
    Thanks for being so inspiring!

  • Great styles and great ideas! I am a huge shoe fan and all the boots in the video are absolutely adorable! Keep making more videos. Am bookmarking this page :).

  • I love the video! So much fun to watch. Creative, cute, sexy, sassy and beautiful all at once!