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7 Gym Bag Essentials For Working Out On Your Period

7 gym bag essentials - STYLE ME GRASIE7 gym bag essentials - STYLE ME GRASIE7 gym bag essentials - STYLE ME GRASIE7 gym bag essentials - STYLE ME GRASIE

I always feel better after a quick run or a one-hour class at the gym. I finish workouts feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and that doesn’t change when I’m on my period. Too many of us shy away from our fitness routines when it’s that time of month, but we shouldn’t. I try to work out on my period because I’ve found that staying active actually relieves some of my period symptoms like abdominal cramping. It’s so important to take extra care of yourself that time of the month, and it’s easy to do when you have the right products. I’ve partnered with U by Kotex® FITNESSto share my gym bag essentials for working out on your period. These are the items I use to keep me feeling balanced, motivated and energized before and after working out on my period.

  1. Hydrating Facial Cleanser: I make sure to wash my face before and after every workout to help prevent menstrual breakouts. My favorite cleanser removes dirt, sweat and makeup while keeping my face hydrated.
  2. Hydrating Mist: Use hydrating mist before and after your workout to promote moisture. Like your cleanser and face cream, it’s all about preventing those menstrual breakouts and keeping your skin extra hydrated this time of the month.
  3. U by Kotex® FITNESS* Tampons, Pads & Liners: If you’re on your period, you want to make sure you have a good supply of U by Kotex® FITNESS* tampons, pads and liners on-hand! These products move with your body to keep you dry and confident before, during and after your workout. Plus their colorful packaging will match your cute workout clothes. 😉
  4. Face Cream with SPF: This is especially important if your workout is outdoors. Keep your face hydrated and protected from the sun.
  5. Aluminum-Free Deodorant: I tend to get extra stinky on my period (hormones!) so deodorant in my gym bag is a must! I love to use deodorant that’s aluminum free and has a lovely scent.
  6. Hair Finishing Spray: Great to use post-workout to refresh and restyle your hair. Especially great for my #curlfriends.
  7. Lavender Essential Oil: Perfect post workout to help you freshen up, but also to help alleviate muscle cramping your period may cause.

There you have it! My 7 Gym Bag Essentials For Working Out On Your Period! Comment below to tell me what’s in your gym bag, and check out my @UbyKotex Instagram takeover for more tips for working out on your period.

Thank you to U by Kotex® FITNESS* for partnering on this post.