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pantene - #besthairever - STYLE ME GRASIEpantene - #besthairever - STYLE ME GRASIEpantene - #besthairever - STYLE ME GRASIEpantene - #besthairever - STYLE ME GRASIEpantene - #besthairever - STYLE ME GRASIEpantene - #besthairever - STYLE ME GRASIEpantene - #besthairever - STYLE ME GRASIEpantene - #besthairever - STYLE ME GRASIE

Every year, going home for the holidays is like a mini family reunion. Catching up with aunts, uncles, cousins and spending QT with your immediate family is definitely cause to look your best. Though I’m usually not one to stress over what to wear, I’m constantly worried about my hair! (Did I just rhyme there? Oh yes, yes I did.) I grew up chemically strengthening my hair because that’s what Dominican girls with Dominican hair do in NYC. You get your hair done every week and every few months you chemically relax it. But about 9 months ago, I decided to say no to the creamy, white stuff and yes to au natural. But natural after years of chemicals means lots of damage to be fixed. Enter the Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection.

I’ve always been a fan of Pantene, so I was super excited when they asked me to try their newest products and let me tell you, they are RAD. On another level when it comes to moisturizing super dry locks like mine. I washed with the Age Defy shampoo, then used the Age Defy Rejuvenating Hydration hair masque and sat with it in my hair for an hour, then used the Age Defy conditioner as a rinse. Finally I used the Keratin Repair Split End Fuser, then did my blow out. The results were pretty fab…smooth hair that looks healthy and shiny aka my #besthairever.

Now, I’m in New York and inspired by this interview with Jennie Garth where she talks about her hair plans for the holidays. I too will be going sleek with the occasional up do for all my festivities. How do you get your #besthairever? Sound off in the comments…would love to hear from you.

Photography by Sylvia G // Brought to you by Pantene