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cocktail bling

The lovely people at Essie sent over my favorite picks from this season’s Holiday Collection. I’m currently rocking “Size Matters” on my nails and toes and the compliments keep a coming! Last week I was wearing “Bangle Jangle” which is the same color as my birthstone…yay February! Which color is your favorite?

(Colors from left to right: Bangle Jangle, Bobbing for Baubles, Cocktail Bling, Brooch the Subject, School of Hard Rocks & Size Matters)

  • Holler! I featured their gray polishes in the holiday guide. I love gray for the holidays:)

    • gray is such a great alternative. woot! 

  • Sylvia G

    Oooo I love the color second from the right. Definitely will look into these!

    • that blue is sick! looks like the CHANEL jeans series but less than half the price. win! 

  • Lucky! I want Size Matters, so perfect for Christmas! 

    • it’s such a PERFECT red! 

  • Crowdedstreet

    HA. Great post. I’m so going red…FOR THE HOLIDAZE!!!!

    • red is classic and always perfect! 

  • Cait

    I’m wearing cocktail bling right now! love it. 


  • Jess D

    love this nail polish!

  • Essie is one of my favorite nail lines, I’ve got to find Cocktail Bling! 

  • Agbarto

    Loveee the red for the holiday season!!