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makeup organization in 3 steps

makeup organization - STYLE ME GRASIEmakeup organization - STYLE ME GRASIEmakeup organization - STYLE ME GRASIEmakeup organization - STYLE ME GRASIE

I’m a very neat person. There I said it. But I was doing my makeup in my bathroom and stored all my makeup in a drawer that wasn’t very neat. I could never find anything and had no idea what I had. So, I decided to get organized! I created a makeup station in my office/closet and it’s amazing! Here are my 3 steps for makeup organization:

1. Good Lighting

Find an area where there’s plenty of natural lighting. Preferably a table/counter you can sit at, that’s also comfortable. If you don’t have natural lighting, use these bulbs that mimic the suns rays.

2. Makeup Mirror

I majorly splurged on this mirror from SimpleHuman. It’s very pricey but also pretty amazing. It’s has a rechargeable battery so there are no cords and you can move it around. It also comes with a detachable magnifying mirror; great for plucking eyebrows! Plus, there’s an app for it. The app controls the lighting settings and other features. While I love this mirror, it is quite large (& pricey) so I gave you smaller and less expensive alternatives below.

3. Acrylic Makeup Organizers

Now for the fun part! Once you have a great area to work in with good lighting, it’s time to get organized! These acrylic makeup organizers from Sorbus are THE BEST. They are sturdy, pretty and you can mix and match various pieces according to your needs. Once I had my pieces set up, I stored my makeup in categories. Lipsticks together, liners, foundations, blush, brushes etc.

And that’s it! Now, I look forward to doing my makeup everyday, instead of getting frustrated and annoyed about it. Happy Organizing!



  • Dream <3

  • Melody

    Being a makeup artist, I appreciate this post! lol I have to have everything organized or I get overwhelmed! I know where everything is at, anddddddddddddd when something is missing! lol I know I’m pretty anal! Oh well!!! Happy Friday!

  • Catherine Kajubi

    Even if you didn’t use one of ours (, I love the fact that you keep your makeup organized and on the table. When we leave it in a drawer, we lose sight of what we have. Lost makeup in the back of drawer is lost money!!! I wish more women understood this.