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stay flawless (benefit cosmetics + rent the runway giveaway)

Congratulations Marlen Martinez!!!
You won the goodie bag from Benefit & Rent The Runway credit! Thanks to everyone who entered…this was our biggest giveaway yet! More to come so stay tuned.

benefit + rent the runway giveaway - STYLE ME GRASIEI’m super excited to announce my collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics! It started with a guest post on their blog about getting “make-up ready” for my wedding this Friday. You can check it out here. And, it continues with a major giveaway…Benefit + RentTheRunway Giveaway - STYLE ME GRASIEBenefit Cosmetics just released “Stay Flawless,” a 15-hour make-up primer that will keep you looking gorgeous all day long. Enter to win this fab primer plus $250 worth of more Benefit goodies. And (as an added bonus) a $150 credit to Rent the Runway. How perfect is that? Make-up and a designer dress. Yes, please!Benefit + RentTheRunway Giveaway - STYLE ME GRASIEReady to enter? Here’s how…

  1. Follow Benefit Cosmetics on Twitter here
  2. Like Style Me Grasie on Facebook here
  3. Leave a comment below letting me know you’ve completed steps 1 & 2 with either your Twitter handle or email address

EXTRA CREDIT: Tweet the following for a bonus entry!
“I just entered to win lots of goodies from @BenefitBeauty & @RenttheRunway via @grasiemercedes! Enter here:

Contest ends Monday, July 1st at 11:59p PST. Winner will be selected at random and announced here on Tuesday, July 2nd. Good Luck!

Photography by Sylvia G

  • Ana Paulina

    Completed both steps, I hope I win!!! @ana_paulina

  • Jenn T.

    Steps 1 & 2 completed! @Jtru22

  • Bhavini Shah

    Steps 1 and 2 completed . @bhavini50

  • Carlee Barackman

    Steps 1 and 2 complete @carleebb

  • Carol Buchman

    I completed steps 1 & 2. Thanks for the chance! @OnlyMe3074

  • Natalie

    All done with steps 1 & 2!! Thank you! @cupcakenat

  • Vi

    completed steps 1 & 2! @hiviho

  • Carol Buchman
  • Lauren S.

    steps 1&2 complete! @laurenshort_

  • Alexa Scott

    I’ve done both steps and would really BENEFIT from winning. @alexamarie123

  • Kristen

    Done and Done! @krenda5

  • Jessica Georgiou

    Completed steps 1 and 2! @jessicageorgiou

  • court

    done & done

  • tishmerritt

    What a fun contest! I’m getting married on a Friday, too…3 months from now. Would LOVE to test out some new products and see what will hold the best. Fun fun fun! @luvandkiwi

    • awesome! congrats!

      • tishmerritt

        Thanks! Congrats to you as well! lol

  • Sdelvecchio

    Done and done. @s_delvecchio

  • Michele Green

    Grasie, BEAUTIFUL pages! I completed steps 1& 2 and the extra credit! @Michelepink22

    [email protected]

  • Michelle

    completed all the steps! [email protected]

  • Logan Hermanson

    done, done, and done 🙂
    such a great give away and good luck on friday!!!

    twitter: @loganhermanson


  • Taylor

    I completed steps 1 and 2! Twitter: @taylormclarke

  • Bekki_C

    Steps 1&2 are in the bag. And I tweeted!! Twitter Handle: xoxo

  • Laura Rodriguez

    Just completed step 1 and 2! I would love to try their products plus I’ll be going to Miami to celebrate my graduation and a new dress would be lovely. [email protected]

  • Laura Rodriguez

    Just completed the Extra credit! : )

  • Erin

    i completed steps one and two and also did the extra credit:)
    [email protected]

  • Holly B

    I liked and followed (@hollymarie076).

  • Holly B
  • Karli Henriquez

    Steps uno y dos, completed! My twitter handle is @KarliHenriquez and I think I’m in love with you.


    • lol well that’s good because i know i’m in love with you.

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  • Clare Donna

    completed steps 1 & 2
    [email protected]

  • Mouna Coulibaly

    Completed all the steps plus the extra credit =) [email protected]

  • EnvisionPretty

    I just did both steps 1 & 2.
    Twitter @EnvisionPretty:disqus ; email: [email protected]


  • Quinn

    I did steps 1&2! Twitter: quinnwaddell1 email: [email protected]

  • Jacquelyn Son
  • Katie

    I did steps 1 and 2! Twitter: @katiekatt14 email: [email protected]

  • stephanie torres

    I completed steps 1 & 2 @RnNanaRn

  • KT

    Completed steps 1 and 2! Twitter: @katiekaleta

  • Emily Willey

    Did both! My twitter name is @emilyewilley

  • done!

    twitter – loveforlacquer
    [email protected]

  • jasmine

    I did all the steeps @jasminehart18

  • Chelsea

    I did both!

    twitter: chelseaprince_

    email: [email protected]

  • Ashley Florio

    I did all of the steps + the bonus
    [email protected]

  • Juliana

    Twitter : Maruja121
    Email: [email protected]

  • Kübra Köse

    Did both. Can we enter from Belgium Europe?

  • Vivikfox

    All the steps are done!! Thank you for this giveaway!! vivikfox19 on twitter e-mail is [email protected] ! Loves from Belgium!

  • nacci

    done, done, and done – including the tweet! @hellonugget (:

  • Christie Clark

    Done @clark_christie

  • Joanna Klein

    Hi Grasie! I completed Step 1 and 2 and also tweeted about my entry @thejoannaklein wishing you the Best on your big day xo joanna Klein

  • Heather Swain

    I completed Step 1 and 2. My Twitter is @crimsonheather 🙂

  • I did both!Thanks!


  • Kim G

    I completed Steps 1 & 2 – my twitter handle is @krglassman Thx!!

  • Adrii Perez

    Done step 1 and 2 [email protected] thanks so much :))

  • Phyllis

    Hi…I completed steps 1 & 2 and I’m @phyllis111664! Congrats on your big day!!!

  • holly howell

    I completed steps 1 & 2. My twitter is @hollylove087. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Ashley kope

    I completed the two steps. 🙂 my email is [email protected]

  • NeedThatInMyLife

    I entered and did both steps @needthatNmylife 😉

  • kt

    Entered! @kendallt

  • Mary Elizabeth Bruce

    Did both steps! @wutsaemmy and [email protected]

  • Mystry Jones

    Done! (: Mystry Jones / mjonestry

  • Masha ‘Maria Kobzeva’

    Did both steps. [email protected] or @rooftopmaru

  • marlen martinez

    I just entered did both steps… email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • marlen martinez

    Just did the extra credit email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • marlen martinez

    I did everything=] email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • marlen martinez

    All done email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • Jess

    Everything completed! [email protected] or @iemjess

  • Yara

    All done x [email protected] @yarachoukeir <3

  • Sam

    @samhoffman22 [email protected] I LOOOVE BENEFIT!

  • Jens

    Done!!! @crazycatsuplady

  • Laura Carneiro de Azevedo

    I followed on twitter: @itsgermanotta

    I followed on facebook:

    my email: [email protected]

  • Sophia

    DONE! [email protected] or SophiaHOfficial

  • Darlene
  • Holly Wert

    done- @holly_gardens & [email protected]

  • Holly Wert
  • Gena aspinall-martin

    Entered. Twitter name: @GenaAspinall. Hope I win x was already following benefit cosmetics, tweeted but I don’t have facebook x

  • Gena aspinall-martin

    I’ve entered but I live in UK does that matter?x ive followed @grasiemercedes and I was already follwing @BenefitBeauty and @Benefitcosmetics I would love to win x thankyou my twitter name is @GenaAspinall

  • Gena aspinall-martin

    I bought a new benefit they’re real mascara today and a new oxygen wow foundation and I got a free sample of the stay flawless 15-hour primer and I love it. It’s amazing x I already follow @BenefitBeauty and @Benefit_UK_IRE and followed @grasiemercedes and tweeted x Thanks my twitter name is @GenaAspinall do you have to be a certain age to enter because im 15 but I have my mums permission if that’s what is needed x hope I win x its my birthday in August so it would make a perfect sweet 16th Birthday suprise

  • Loretta Monteleone

    @lmonteleone or [email protected]

  • marlen martinez

    I did everything=] email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • Allison Wheeler

    Followed both! What a great giveaway! @allisonewheeler

  • Jenna D

    Followed Benefit: @_jennacat
    Liked Style Me Grasie on Facebook: Jenna Dillon
    email: [email protected]

  • ali

    completed both steps @geekchic21

  • Bonnie

    Completed both steps! This is fabulous! @bonnierobison

  • Darlene
  • ivy pluchinsky

    liked and followed
    email – [email protected]
    twitter – @ivypluchinsky

  • SandyT

    Both steps completed. Great contest! 🙂
    (Twitter handle is @sassygirlcanada)

  • Amber

    Ooh I would love to try this product! I’m a huge Benefit fan. Thanks so much! I follow both on Twitter (roomofmyown)

  • Amber


    I forgot to mention my Facebook name I follow from (Amber H)

  • Sydney Chicoine

    1 & 2, Done & Done 🙂

    I’m on Twitter as @ResplendentSyd. Thanks!

  • Lauren

    Done! @lolo_face

  • Darlene

    Completed 1 & 2 .. twitter handle is @mistygirle email: [email protected]

  • Cynthia Del Rio

    Hello Doll, I completed steps 1 and 2, and extra bonus entry. my email is [email protected] and my twitter handle is @cynthiasdelrios

  • steffers516

    following on twitter – steffers516 and liked on fb – stephanie ann

  • steffers516
  • Fearfully Fashioned

    I have to try the primer by Benefit. During the summer my face always feels like an oil slick and I hate my foundation sliding on my face.Great collaboration!

  • Donna Andrews

    Hope to win! LOVE Benefit Cosmetics – amazing products:) I completed both steps and you can find me at or @donnadandrews. Also tweeted your message:)

  • marlen martinez

    I did everything=] email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • marlen martinez

    did the extra credit =] email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • Natasha Leguina

    I completed steps 1 & 2. Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂 @taaaxa

  • Erinn Love MyStyle Dickerson

    I have completed steps 1 & 2 Twitter handle is MsLoveMyStyle / [email protected]

  • malkatz

    I follow on twitter- @giveawaygirlie, like on FB and tweeted to my giveaway listing twitter:

    malletkatz [at] yahoo dot com

  • Darlene
  • Jessi Frasier

    Completed 1 & 2 and the bonus entry. @JessiFrasier

  • Brooke Chadwick

    Completed steps 1 &2 thanks for the chance to win 🙂 (also did bonus entry)-ABrookeC0208 (twitter handle)

  • Susan Audrey

    I did 1 (@susanaudrey) and 2 ( and bonus ( 🙂 Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  • Caitlin Geeaitch

    Thanks for the opportunity! I completed steps 1 & 2: @caitlingeeaitch

  • Caitlin Geeaitch
  • Colleen Boudreau

    I completed steps 1 & 2.
    Twitter: @collifornia
    Email: holliister at gmail dot com

  • Colleen Boudreau
  • Anna Wang

    I completed steps 1 and 2 and also tweeted here:

    My Twitter handle is @AnnaIsNotReal

    Email is annalwang at gmail dot com

  • Linda Heng

    Grasie, I completed steps 1&2! And tweeted here
    My email address is [email protected]. Twitter: august27lsh

  • Marilyn

    Completed both steps. @MarilynInNC Ty!

  • marlen martinez

    Completed step 1 and 2 and tweeted=] email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • marlen martinez

    Thank you so much<3 email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327


    Did steps 1-2 and tweeted the message with our Twitter account @everydaygandb. Cool giveaway!

  • susan

    I followed Benefit on twitter and liked your facebook page! @avagracescloset : [email protected]
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Darlene

    I did #1 & 2 , tweeted: and my email is [email protected], thank you for this opportunity & good luck all.

  • Angi

    Heya I just entered and completed both the steps and tweeted 🙂 my twitter is @Monkey__Tree fingers crossed this looks awesome x thank you

  • Cherie Montorio

    I Follow Benefit Cosmetics on Twitter [email protected]
    I Like Style Me Grasie on Facebook – cherie montorio
    email- [email protected]

  • Lyndadawinda

    Completed both steps!
    Twitter ID: Lyndadawinda
    Email: lyndadawinda1074 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    I tweeted –
    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  • marlen martinez

    completed steps 1 & 2 email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • marlen martinez

    Also tweeted=] email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • marlen martinez

    I did everything=] email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • Gena aspinall-martin

    Can’t wait until the results tomorrow x thankyou so much for the opportunity I LOVE benefit makeup I think its amazing and I think all Benefit makeup looks naturally beautiful and not too much or heavy when you wear it. I entered 4 days ago. My favourite Benefit cosmetics are oxygen wow foundation, pore fessiona, they’re real mascara and fine one one. I have tried a sample of the stay flawless15 hour primer and it is really good I’ve never seen anything like it before and I really want one. My twitter name is @GenaAspinall and email [email protected]. really really really want to win x thanks so much x

  • Kelly

    Did all three! 🙂 [email protected]

  • Stephanie Grant

    1. Following on Twitter @sgrant2005
    2. Following on Facebook (Stephanie Grant)

  • Stephanie Grant
  • marlen martinez

    Thank you so much email- [email protected] or twitter- @marlen9327

  • Amy Williams

    Completed steps 1 and 2 @willdamy

  • marlen martinez

    Omg! I’m so excited right now=] Thank you thank you so much=]

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