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the proof - STYLE ME GRASIEthe proof - STYLE ME GRASIEthe proof - STYLE ME GRASIEthe proof - STYLE ME GRASIEthe proof - STYLE ME GRASIEthe proof - STYLE ME GRASIEthe proof - STYLE ME GRASIEthe proof - STYLE ME GRASIE

About 3 weeks ago, I told you about my salon visit and introduction to Living Proof here. Well, I’ve been using the Restore Collection, the Satin Hair Serum and Prime Style Extender Cream ever since and today I’m sharing my results. After one use, I noticed that my hair felt extremely conditioned and the scent was amazing; that stayed true throughout the past few weeks of usage. I also found that my hair had way less frizz, if any at all, and was super manageable.

Speaking specifically on the Restore Collection, I would say this line is perfect for gals with dry and damaged hair that need extra moisture. Though I let my hair dry naturally and wore it curly a few times using these products, I think they really excelled, when I blew out my hair. The blow dryer and curling iron heat I used the obtain the look in these photos, proved to not be a challenge at all for the Restore Collection. The Satin Hair Serum and Prime Style Extender Cream were also great in the styling process.

Here’s how I used the products: First, I washed with the Restore Collection shampoo. Then I applied the Restore Collection mask treatment and left it in my hair for 5 minutes. Rinsed. Then used the Restore Collection conditioner for added moisture. Rinsed again. Before my blow out, I applied the Prime Style Extender Cream then after the blow out, I used the Satin Hair Serum before using my curling iron. Once I styled my hair to my liking, I added a drop more of the serum. In closing, I would highly recommend all these products for anyone with dry and/or damaged hair looking to add moisture, reduce frizz and have great scented hair!

To find out the best products for YOUR hair type click here.
Thank you to Living Proof for partnering on this post.

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  • Joanne Galluscio

    I love it! I need a hair cut just like this.

    • Get it! Let’s go when I’m home. xoxo

  • LOVE the Living Proof line(s). I meant to grab the satin hair serum, but forgot about it until I was going to fix my hair with the products. Definitely on the shopping list!

  • Diana

    Enjoy reading your blog.

    • Thank you! Love that! xo