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I’m back in NYC for some family time and staying through Thanksgiving. There is something so special about New York around the holidays; it’s really magical.

We did it you guys! Last week @grasiemercedes hit 10k on Instagram! Thank you for all your comments, your likes and your love. I’m off to Palm Springs for a little birthday R&R in the desert. Follow along for more Insta-memories and have a great weekend!

Fall is about half way over and so far it’s been awesome! In the past month and a half I’ve had the best time traveling, shooting, playing and eating! Here are some of my favorite moments as captured through my Instagram. Thank you for your “likes,” comments and for following…I’m almost at 8k…YAY! Shooting for […]

I have a crazy idea and have decided to write about it here to put the pressure on myself to actually do it. I want to dance for 300 days. Preferably Monday thru Friday for a year with a few weekend days thrown in. Here’s why… I’ve always been in love with dancing. I think […]

Since our wedding just over a month ago, I have been beyond busy! All great things, so I’m not complaining. From auditions to concerts to blogger events and more…it’s been a fantastic Summer! Here’s an Insta-recap. Audition “club” look // Fleetwood Mac at Staples with the hubs // 4th of July stuffing my face! // […]