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back cleavage

If I had to choose between boob cleavage and back cleavage, I’m going back cleavage, all the way. I know quite a few people may disagree, but hear me out. Backs are sexy and items of clothing that showcase them, are few and far between. Breasts are also sexy, but can be very distracting! I’m serious. When a lady has her tatas out, it is extremely hard to focus and I’m a heterosexual female so I can only imagine what guys are going through. Ha! I kid (kind of). Breasts are hot but so are backs. Period. Where am I going with this??!!

In this look: byCORPUS crisscross dress at Urban Outfitters, Lulu’s boots (gifted), Ray Ban aviator shades, Forever 21 bangles and Madewell friendship bracelets. Nail polish is O.P.I. in Jade Is The New Black.

Photos by Sylvia G Photography