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coachella – party time

The Lacoste party was the highlight of our Coachella excursion. It was packed with people having fun and being adorable. Good music, great fashion and a perfect, sunny day. 
I recently purchased a digital SLR camera (have you noticed the difference in photos?) and I LOVE IT MORE THAN ANYTHING! It’s a Nikon D3100 and makes me look legit. Legit enough that I could walk up to strangers and ask to take their photo for street style posts on my blog. Can’t really do that when you taking pictures with your iPhone…people look at you funny.  
The lovely lady above was the ultimate for me. 
And how Coachella perfect is this girl’s style? Her name is Ashley Ann and she has a line called Myne that you should check out. Too cute!

Every time I go anywhere with Michelle, she has a unique ability to attract to cutest, silliest boys. She didn’t disappoint at this affair and had the above hottie all over her. It was hilarious. Taye seems entertained too.  
What’s that you ask? Oh just some lady in hot shorts coming on to Gerard Butler. Ha! (Sorry, had to throw this one in the mix.)
You probably can’t tell from my silly face but that seesaw was terrifying!

The End.

In this look: Mr. Kate headpiece c/o, party shades (from the KROQ house), Forever 21 one piece bathing suit c/o, Urban Outfitters jacket, Levi’s vintage jean shorts, Thirfted boots, Forever 21 ring, American Eagle belt and Free People bracelets