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color block

I want to introduce you to two of my new favorite things…this Heidi Merrick color block dress and this Fred Flare harmonica necklace. I scored the dress at the Heidi Merrick sample sale I told you about last week and I absolutely love everything about it. The color and silhouette are perfection and it’s a great combo of chic and comfy. Plus…Heidi told me it’s a sample that never went into production, making it a one of a kind piece. Holla! Okay, what’s more fun than a functioning harmonica necklace?! Nothing, that’s what! I have quickly become that person who’s overly excited about a silly new toy. Love it.

In this look: Heidi Merrick color block dress, Marc Jacob heels and Fred Flare harmonica necklace c/o PS: The kick-ass piece of art behind me was created specifically for Damien & myself by my girl Michele Morrow of  Recycled Rock. It’s comprised of CD covers from music artists we love. 

Photos by Sylvia G Photography

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    • that’s all that matters 🙂

  • Kristen

    you look super cute in this!

  • KimberlyLucio

    Obsessed! Such a pretty dress. And that harmonica necklace is classic.

    • thanks lady! and i LOVE all my notifications from you! xo

  • amelia

    love my proximity to this dress!

    • as i love my proximity to your dress 😉

  • Angie

    Love this dress & your blog!
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  • Sharzville

    Lovely dress 🙂