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furry coat

I will admit, I am thoroughly enjoying wearing layers in New York. I packed a million jackets and coats (technically 10…10!) and have been layering the crap out of them. It’s fun. After a couple of sunny, not too cold days in NYC, we’re expecting a snow storm. I’m secretly hoping the hype is real because I love it when it snows. We shall see. furry coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdfurry coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdfurry coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdfurry coat - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdIn this look:

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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  • I am glad you are enjoying NYC.Is for sure my fav city also. I love layers and you did well…Enjoy NYC,xoxo

  • Layering is deffo fun, but I really hate the snow lool

    • lol yeah, i actually love the snow just hate it when it’s freezing cold! xo

  • Rose

    what a beautiful coat,you look great as always

  • love your jeans!

    • thank you! they are H&M and in store now 🙂

  • phool

    Hi Grasie, do you know where the coat can be purchased? It’s not on the Aryn K site. Thanks!

    • hi! i’m trying to find that out for you…i think it may not be out yet…it was sent to me. stay tuned!

  • wow! loving your blog! so beautiful to see a dominican sister empowering other women beyond fashion 😉 would love for you to visit our blog and tell us what you think! we are new fans 😉

    Gisela & Maury

    • thank you ladies! and i’ll definitely check out your blog! xo