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mirrored sunnies

flamingo & bells - STYLE ME GRASIE ootd

Lately, I’ve been all about mirrored sunnies. They’e fun, cool and very handy for reapplying your lipstick! I tend to go for aviator or wayfarer shapes because after countless times shopping for sunglasses, I finally figured out what works with my face shape. If you’re looking for tips on choosing the right sunnies for your face; Foster Grant is here to help. I’ve collaborated with them to bring you these helpful guidelines…

flamingo & bells - STYLE ME GRASIE ootd

SQUARE FACE:  If you have a face with a strong jaw line, square chin, and broad forehead, try sunglasses that are rounded or oval in contrast to the angular lines of the face.

flamingo & bells - STYLE ME GRASIE ootd

OVAL FACE:  An oval face has mostly balanced proportions.  The chin is slightly narrower than the forehead and the cheekbones tend to be high.  Lucky you! Most sunglasses shapes are flattering on an oval face. Square, rectangular and geometric shapes will add angles to the soft curves of the face.

flamingo & bells - STYLE ME GRASIE ootd

ROUND FACE: Width and length proportions are typically the same with a round face. Avoid round sunglasses.  Look instead for angular, geometric shapes that sharpen facial features.  Rectangular and horizontal styles will make faces appear longer and thinner. 

flamingo & bells - STYLE ME GRASIE ootd

HEART FACE: A broad forehead and wide cheekbones that narrow to a small chin constitute a heart-shaped face.  Trendy cat-eye styles or butterfly shapes will flatter this face type. Round frames will help soften the forehead, while bottom-heavy frames will balance the narrower chin.

flamingo & bells - STYLE ME GRASIE ootdflamingo & bells - STYLE ME GRASIE ootd

So, which sunglasses are best for your face shape? Happy Shopping for SUNNIES!

flamingo & bells - STYLE ME GRASIE ootd

Photography by Sylvia G // Brought to you by Foster Grant

  • Leesa

    totally love this look! The shirt is awesome!

  • Oh my gosh that is such a fun top! I love it!

    • lol right?! flamingos are the cutest.

  • Logan Hermanson

    This has reignited my love for wide leg jeans. Your legs go on for miles!
    xox Logan

  • designRoundup

    Nice outfit! I like the entire ensemble.

  • Jessica Steele

    Love the camo jacket, flared jeans and yellow bag! So basically, everything? Ha.