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missing home

About every 3 months, I get really antsy if I haven’t seen my family back in NYC. That’s about as long as I can go without getting my New York fix. Since I haven’t been home since Christmas, my time is way overdue! This tank put a smile on my face and so I had to have. I’m usually not a fan of words on clothing but I’ll make this one exception. PS – I’m going home in June…yes, more waiting but I can’t wait! 
In this look: Forever 21 tank, LNA skirt (worn as dress) c/o, Jeffrey Campbell boots c/o Lulu’s and American Apparel shades

Photos by Sylvia G Photography


  • Amelia

    I love those boots! Do a giveaway with jeffrey campbell please:)

    • Lol. They’re from Lulu’s who I have done a giveaway with before! There will be more 😉

  • What brought you out to LA? And how long have you been out here?

    • I wanted to live somewhere else besides my hometown. Since I act and host, LA was the only other option really…and I LOVE it here…just miss home sometimes 🙂

  • Jaela

    This is so ironic earlier this morning I was chictopia and I came across your photo with the big New York written on it and I was left a comment on the pic then later came on my favorite online shopping site and visited the blog and came across your blog’re doing a great job, you’re beautiful and good luck with your acting so inspired by you. Following you now.

    • wow! very cool! and thank you so much for your sweet comment! glad you like the blog 🙂