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pink shorts

Despite being somewhat of a tomboy, when I was a little girl, my entire bedroom was pink. Pink walls, pink bed spread, pink area rug and a pink doll house were just the beginning…I also wore pink…a lot of it. Needless to say, at a certain point, I became utterly repulsed by the color. I rebelled against it, completely changed my room and forbid my mom from every purchasing the hue again. This stuck…not until about 3 years ago, did I embraced pink again. Don’t worry, I haven’t painted all my apartment walls pink! But, I do LOVE a pop of the color in my wardrobe and these Aryn K shorts do it for me. Fun fact: I sit here and type this post wearing pink pajama pants in my baby sister’s pink room. 

In this look: Forever 21 top & ring, Aryn K shorts c/o, Converse sneakers, Movado watch and American Apparel shades

Photos by Sylvia G Photography


  • Cassandra

    I love top and the pink shorts! 😀

    • thank you and thanks for commenting! 

  • love this look! your top is really cute!

  • Shandrese

    It’s not often that I find a pair of shorts that I really like…but these are great!! I love how you added a casual feel to the look with converse 🙂

    • same here! i usually stay away from shorts but love these! 

  • glamoroza

    cute outfit, love the shorts! 🙂

    Amor http://WWW.GLAMOROZA.NET

  • Gisuehvdoauh

    Did you say in a previous post that you used to teased for having so called ‘chicken legs’?  Hope those people are laughing on the other side of their faces (!) cos your legs are rockingly hot. Kids will tease over anything.  I used to be teased for being a witch cos I have green eyes…! I love my green eyes – always have 😀