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pink faux fur - STYLE ME GRASIEpink faux fur - STYLE ME GRASIEpink faux fur - STYLE ME GRASIEpink faux fur - STYLE ME GRASIEpink faux fur - STYLE ME GRASIEpink faux fur - STYLE ME GRASIE

Over the weekend I watched a Netflix documentary called “Fresh Dressed” and it was fantastic. It was all about the revolution of hip hop and fashion from the 70s until now. It showed what NYC was like in the 80s and brought back so many childhood memories for me. I remember riding those graffiti-covered subways and being in awe of all the colors. I miss that New York. Today, I’m still a huge lover of color and this documentary reminded me of that. It reminded me to be me unapologetic with fashion and to aim to please only me. An idea sometimes forgotten. With that, here’s some Monday inspiration from the film, for ya!

“When you feel free, then you’re gonna dress like you’re free, and that’s what freedom is, to be yourself…” – Pharrell Williams aka my hero.

Forever 21 faux fur jacket // White + Warren top // Redone jeans // Zara pumps

Photography by Mark Champion

  • Those golden heels are to die for!


    Vicky //
    The Golden Bun

  • Samantha Cossick

    Love this look and the inspiration! Now I want to watch that documentary. Thanks for the suggestion! — SC at

    • Let me know how you like it! xo

  • It’s so easy to get swallowed up by trends, but while some really are appealing, others are not! It’s always important to remember our selves and our preferences!
    Love your look — that faux fur jacket looks so cozy, and I love the color. I have to make sure to catch the documentary sometime 🙂

    Sampz and Such

    • YES YES YES! So true. Thanks lady! xo