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I posted the longest Instagram caption in history! Or at least the longest in my history. And because I’m still buzzing, I wanted to share it here too:

You guys, today I popped my pilot season cherry and it felt so good. It was fun, scary, exciting and fun again, all at the same time. As a kid I was obsessed with “Grease” and about a million other films and tv shows, yet it wasn’t until my late 20s, that I decided to really be an actress. Before that, I was too afraid of taking the leap. Too afraid to put myself out there. But man, I’m happy I did. 

There are so many highs and lows with this career but the highs make it all worth it. The ability to connect with someone and play in class, at an audition or on set is so freaking special, words can’t describe it. 

This post is for all the dreamers out there. If you love something…DO IT!!! But do it without focusing on results and instead just enjoy every moment of the process. I know one pilot audition doesn’t make me Meryl Streep or Viola Davis but it does make me happy. Happy with the choice I’ve made and happy to be on this journey.

“Life is like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing. Keep pretending.” – Jim Henson

What are your dreams?

Camp Collection “Rydell” tee // Cotton On jacket // BDG jeans // French Connection boots

  • Leesa
  • I love the outfit!

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  • Susanna Merrick

    Girl, something kind of awesome happened the other day. I went into your site for the first time and boy my world has flipped up side down in the most incredible way. You inspired Me this week way before I even read this post. I have decided to go full force in the direction of my dreams…. I told myself today was going to read more of your posts and it was just a sign that you were put in my path on purpose. I’m a struggling actress here NYC, its been a tough year for me and I haven’t given up on my dreams of starting my own interior design business and becoming a lifestyle host… but always felt that I had to give up my acting to do so or the thought I’d have to do so much through social media and blogging that the fear would be overwhelming then of course doubt would creep in and the voice would say “you’re not that good at photographer.” “you know nothing about blogging.” “You’re aren’t good enough or cute enough to.” Damn fear always gets the best of us. But when I saw your site my soul was on fire not only for you but that we can do both and you captured if on your site in such an epic way. Thank you such much for going for your dreams and helping to do the same! seriously. Thank you. *tearing up*

    • Susanna Merrick

      hope you got my last message girl:)

      • OMG! I’m so sorry I missed this! I used to get alerts of new comments…not sure what happened. But thank YOU so much. This message is so inspiring to me!!! And I’m so happy you found my site at a time when you needed encouragement. I’m thrilled that you are going after your dreams! Anything worth anything takes time. Always remember that. You WILL succeed! Please keep me updated on your journey and best of luck! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo