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My two little sisters are here!…visiting from NY, allowing me to be a serious LA tourist. Hollywood sign, walk of fame, Griffith Observatory, Malibu, Huntington Beach and San Diego this weekend…it’s a fun-filled week! I love having them here and have planted the seed to get my whole family (sisters, brother, mom and step-dad) to move out here in 2 years, when my baby sis starts high school. I WILL make this happen! 
This is Genna, she’s 12 and a tween to the max…super smart and artsy. 
Jolee, is our middle sis at age 25, she’s the sweetest gal you’ll ever meet. 
Then there’s me, the old one. More like a 2nd mom than a sis, which is probably why I’m terrified to have my own kids. Aaaaaaaahhhhh. YAY family! Okay, got to run and do something touristy.

Photos by Sylvia G Photography

  • Amelia

    Your sis is doing 12 a lot better than I did ie. too skinny, no boobs, braces AND an unfortunate ear length haircut!

  • aw… this makes me miss my sisters so much (I have 4 of them). my closest sis lives in Britain so I rarely see her aside from Skype… hope you and yours have an awesome time together 🙂 nothing can replace sisters.