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style me novela

style me novela

Growing up in a Latin home (both my mom & dad are from the Dominican Republic), meant growing up with novelas (Spanish soap operas) playing on the TV every night. My mom and abuela we’re all about it and therefore, so was I. You don’t have to speak Spanish to know how amazingly fun novelas are; beautiful men and woman in outrageous love scandals, all while looking fabulous and screaming their hearts out. It’s fantastic. Non-Latinos may see a novela and think that the acting is a little over-the-top, but those people have obviously never been in a relationship with a Latina(o). We are an emotional and passionate group, just ask my gringo husband, he’ll tell you all about it. And it’s that emotion and passion that makes novelas so darn entertaining!

style me novela

Today, I’m excited to announce my partnership with Univision and their hit soap Lo Que La Vida Me Robo.  A remake of an old classic about a serious love triangle between one woman falling in love with two different men from two very different worlds. (Love it!) As a Latina and an actress, it seemed fitting for me to put together a “Style Me Novela” outfit with what I think is the quintessential “sexy novela” look . Long locks (courtesy of my fab clip-in extensions!), a bold lip, statement accessories, a fitted dress, high heels and viola, you’ll be in a sexy love triangle, throwing a glass at your lover’s head in no time!

style me novela

Tune in to Lo Que La Vida Me Robo week nights at 9pm on Univision. Can’t wait? You can find a ton of juicy clips on their app here!

style me novelaBailey 44 dress c/o (sold out, similar $170) // Ask Alice heels // Kate Spade earrings // Brahmin bag $295 c/o

Photography by Sylvia G
Brought to you by Univision

  • Leesa
  • designRoundup

    Love your novela look! You’re right, latin soaps are the best…over the top and funny!

    • Right?! So good! Thank you! xo

  • Martha Gabbie

    Are you going to be working on the show? Acting/styling/both? You look gorgeous!

    • OMG I wish! Sadly, no…just doing a collaboration with the network. Thank you for your sweet compliment! xo

  • Beca Alexander

    You look amazing!

  • Mirna

    love your dress, you look stunning!
    Totally agree about how awesome novelas are. I watch the brazilian ones, since I speak portuguese.
    Great site!

    • Thank you! And I’ll have to check out Brazilian ones! xo