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take me away

I’ve only been back from my trip to NY a little over a week and I’m already itching to go away again. New York was more of a family thing and I was non-stop. No time to relax, read, swim or sleep in. Not really a vacation…more of family fun time. This tropical print top I found at Goodwill has me dreaming of an island vacation. One where I just lay on a beach sipping cocktails and finishing the “Shades of Grey” trilogy. I’m ready for that…now the questions are where and when?!
In this look: thrifted vintage top, thrifted vintage Levi’s shorts, BCBG Generation wedges from TJ Maxx, Forever 21 ring and Cynthia Vincent clutch 

Photos by Sylvia G Photography


  • Joana Gomes

    Love the blouse to death!

    • lol. thanks! i really should wear it more. xo

  • Amelia

    Seriously love those shoes. I’ve never been to TJ Maxx. Can I come with you next time?

    • yup yup! though we apparently have the exact same tastes as of late so this could just make that worst. lol this is actually my first tj maxx purchase and it was in MA but i hear the one in santa monica is the bees knees…let’s go! 

  • Love the shirt! Such a cute outfit!

    • thank you! it was definitely a fun thrifing find!